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Posted on 02/25/2024
House renovations: Costs to consider
Many homeowners wonder, "How much do house renovations...
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Posted on 12/17/2023
Here's what goes into remodeling an old house
When it comes to remodeling, old house projects number...
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Posted on 10/29/2023
Home renovations: A guide to home improvement loans
Home improvements and renovations can be costly....
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Posted on 10/01/2023
Transform unused garage space with these upgrades
Many homeowners want to transform garage space into...
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Posted on 03/19/2023
How long does a house last? Renovations to increase your home's lifespan
While every project is different, here are some basic...
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Posted on 07/17/2022
5 Home Renovations That Can Improve Your Quality of Life
Home improvements are made to improv your quality of life and your home's potential values. While there is no wrong way to approach home renovations, consider the following recommendations. 1: Replace loose heating and venting registers Loose and inexpensively made heating and venting registers have a way of rattling just enough to bother homeowners. But they also tend...
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Posted on 07/25/2021
Vintage Features for the Modern Home
Photo by Alex Qian from Pexels Whether you’re remodeling your home or building one from scratch there are a few vintage features you may want to incorporate. No matter the style of your home—modern, traditional, country chic—these additions can fit seamlessly in your house. Work with your architect to see how you can add these details to your...
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